Youth, don't invest your your savings on vallueless things

Remember when Blackberry Bold 5 was released, there were lots of pressure to own that phone to the extent an explicit Nigerian movie, “Bold 5 babes” was released. When Samsung S5 was yet to be released, people including me were of a higher expectations of how that phone would revolutionize smartphone universe with it advancements of technologies. Today those phones have become valueless and obsolete. Just because you owning the latest iPhone device does not mean you have achieved in life. Tomorrow, that phone will become valueless. Youth, one of the Topmost Greatest achievements you should achieve in life is owning a Land/property because that is the lifetime value. That same vigorous energy that you have invested your life savings towards purchasing expensive gadgets, should be the same energy towards purchasing and owning a quarter, half or full plot of land with indenture for your future stress-free benefits. You will not live in rented apartments forever. The Land’s value can last for generations and decades compared to the latest iPhone which may be of no value as soon as another version is being released. Those homes that you’ve rented were built decades ago, yet they still have values. There is nothing bad about owning expensive gadgets, cars etc. You can only own them right after you have built your own apartments and progressing. It’s not too late to own a property with your name. there are property companies that provide flexible payment systems for a period of 36 months. You can start saving little by little either right from the start of your University education or from the National Service, etc. If you’re living with your parents, don’t leave yet. Keep saving your monies whiles living with your parents to enable you to purchase a plot and start building. It could be shipping container, wooden structures, or even a retired bus’ cabin or any sort of container that you can recycle or convert them into your makeshift home if you cannot afford traditional building materials. Don’t be in a haste to leave your parents house because of pressure from peers. You will regret in the end. The cost of rents in Accra alone can provoke your mental health, thanks to Greedy landlords/ladies and agents. Exercise patient, save your monies, don’t buy unnecessary things/outings. You’d have higher chances of saving big whiles living with your parents till you have completed building your apartment. You could save up to GHS350 monthly for a year which will be more than GHS3600 whiles living with your parents. That money can purchase you a half plot in an underdeveloped area but its way better than purchasing an expensive land in developed areas. That area will soon develop. I bought my land at a cost of GHS4000 in 2019. Now the place is fast developing. You cannot make such savings if you’re in an rented apartment because you have bills to pay which dents your savings capabilities. My two major mistakes which I wished someone would sat me down and advised me was

Building with a complete Three bedroom foundation instead of a single room or chamber and hall for a start. And also Not building with a Shipping container which was way cheaper and faster than traditional builds. I had planned on installing a 40 foot shipping container in my land till I changed my mind which up to this day I still regretted that decision. Now Covid-19 has destroyed my finances and stalled my building project but Hey! lessons learnt and picking up slow and sturdy. Learn from my mistakes. Never start building with the minimum of Two bedroom. You will lose your monies in split seconds. Build with a single room or chamber and hall for a kickoff. When you’re financially successful, your apartment should be upgraded into a family-sized property (two/three bedrooms or higher) and you won’t stress your mental health. Location shouldn’t be your concern at all. The most important aspect is to purchase an affordable land and start your future from there. My land is located far away from Accra(Still in Greater Accra) but I’m okay because when you understand the weight of situations right now in this country, purchasing that land should be more important than whining about locations. They will soon develop which you will be shocked. To those criticizing people that advice youths against spending their monies on expensive things by using a Ghanaian popular quote “Nfa Ohia Nkekan Nkwasiasem” nonsense to make a point on the youth’s decision on how they spend their monies. You are responsible for the high rate of poverty in this country. You caused it. You could have advised people against extravagant spending but failed to do so but rather chastising common sense individuals advising youth against unnecessary spending. Some of us have property(s), are financial advisors or even rich, etc. But we don’t like the fact that people especially the youth have failed to invest in their future and so we base our experience to caution them. I know of someone that changes her iPhone gadgets every year in the university. If she could have saved those monies during her tenure in school, she could have established her business or purchase her land to build her apartment, like she wouldn’t be staying with her parents by now. Why changing device when it’s working perfectly? Why do you feel pressured by your peers? Why do you want to please such people? Such gadgets can ruin your future financially. Cut ties from friends that encourages you to be financially abusive. Such persons have no future at all. Personally I hardly make friends and I don’t really have much friends which I am perfectly okay. My Greatest regrets ever in my life was to spend GHS1800 on purchasing that electric bicycle last year, whereas I could have saved it in my coffers to invest it on building materials. Now I am broke, I sold that bike because there was no value. I could have saved that money too but ended up in cryptocurrency offshore trading (Big mistake) which ended up defunct. My sheer luck and happiness was when I purchased the half plot of land in with an indenture which I thank God for my quick thinking decision. Ladies and gentlemen, learn from my mistakes. Don’t make any move to spend unwisely which you end up lifetime regrets. Invest your money in purchasing a Land/ property and you will smile forever. A Word to the Wise.

Dennis Goodman.

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