You will be prosecuted in spite of confession and plea – Police Chief to Takoradi Woman

Director-General, Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Kwesi Ofori has said that the 28-year-old Takoradi woman Josephine Panyin Mensah who was found a few days after reportedly going missing will still be prosecuted in spite of her admission that she wasn’t kidnapped and was also not pregnant.

ACP Kwesi Ofori said she has put the entire nation, state institutions and the media through confusion hence, the Police will go ahead with the prosecution.

“She is in custody at the moment. Nothing will stop the Police from going ahead to the court .

“Yesterday, she was cautioned and even she admitted the offence in the presence of her mum , family relations and independent witness.

“Definitely, we will be going to court , looking at the damage caused in terms of the confusion for the family, entire nation and the media front,” he said on Newsfile on Saturday September 25.

Earlier official complaints lodged by Panyin Mensah’s husband at the police station on Friday, September 17 indicated that she was heavily pregnant and had been kidnapped.

But after being found at Tolanu, a suburb of Axim, exactly five days later, she was without her supposed nine-month pregnancy.

This heightened fears about the turpitude of her alleged kidnappers in the Western Region.

The Ghana Police Service has announced that Panyin Mensah has pleaded not to be prosecuted after confessing she was not pregnant and not kidnapped.

The Police in a statement on Friday September 24 said “The suspect, Josephine Panyin Mensah, 28, has confessed to the Police during further investigations and stated that neither was she pregnant nor ever being kidnapped. The public will be updated with further details.”

This woman made the whole country worried. And even people are criticizing the doctors and the police for conniving to make the case go against her.

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What this woman did is a crime and if she will be given a jail sentence, I would love to see her spending 50 years plus in jail.
Within this short period that Ghana police together with the medical doctors and Western Regional Minister came up through the investigations conducted and finding out she was never pregnant or kidnapped. The kind of insults rained on them as well as curses invoked on them is just bad.
Through her actions defamed Ghana Police, the medical doctors who tested for her pregnancy, the Western Regional Minister as a whole.
Her actions also caused fear and panic in the entire country. She needs to be punished severely in spite of pleading.

I side with you @Danny. This act from the woman really caused panic and fear in the country. This incident can’t be pardoned. The only thing the court can do to show sympathy for her is to give a reduced sentence that is about half of the sentence given to her. I say this because she has a child to take care of and staying behind bars for that long will deprive the boy from getting motherly love from that young age.

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This issue wasn’t anything that has to escalate into something disturbing. I can imagine how traumatized her husband is now after hearing the news. If you have had miscarriage on the fourth month of your pregnancy, why then do you fake it for the rest of the five months, all because of going to feel embarrassed in front of your husband, family and friends and the community as a whole. A lot of women have gone through this and they are still hoping that there will be a breakthrough but here you are planning a way to deceive everyone to cover up the miscarriage and make it look like it was the kidnapping that caused the miscarriage. Eyiiiiiii nyimpa y3 wicked oo hmmm.

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This is a dangerous but smart act from the woman

She knows she had a child to take care of before she hide herself for so many days making people children not to sleep. All in the name of investigation. She didn’t try at all . She deserve a serious punishment. She have to be sentenced with hard labor

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Agreeing with you on the motherly love her boy will need as he’s growing is the only thing that will make me have a little sympathy on her.
But what this woman did generally is way too bad. Faking your own kidnap which over the years Police have being trying everything in their power to totally eradicate it from our country. Also faking pregnancy which is another topic to be discussed later. This woman needs to be punished no matter what.

As for me I don’t trust dem all. They’re all liars

I totally agree with this👍

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Her husband is really down now. The last time they tried to interview him, this man broke into tears cos he never imagined what her wife did. There is nothing in this world that can’t be settled. You had miscarriage in your third getting to fourth month of pregnancy, why didn’t you break it up to your husband. She assuming her husband will break up with her caused her all this.

What this woman did shows that she don’t really trust her husband or is having doubt about her husband staying with her in bad times. Faking the remaining five months and false kidnapping which placed your entire family and Ghana as whole in fear is just unpardonable.

This woman is so good at acting. Faking pregnancy and your own kidnap shows how smart but very dangerous this woman is.
Pretending for five months to be pregnant whiles sleeping on the same bed with her husband without her husband having no idea about it, proves that this woman deserves an award.

In this case, you may not trust them, that I totally side with you on that but they provided with valuable evidence which most of us knew before the evidence began coming out. So, one way or another they helped.

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But the woman came to confess. When I said it in a post that if somebody who is pregnant has a miscarriage to it will show, people don’t believe me . They were like there is more to this

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That’s what we’re saying too. If this woman really knew she was having a child who will need her love as he’s growing, she would have thought twice before planning of faking her own kidnap and pregnancy.

I don’t agree with you. Not all of them are the same, but over the years some women keeps providing us with evidence which warns us not to trust them and that’s the reason why many fears them.
What this woman added to the already existing evidence shows that we shouldn’t trust them a bit. But one thing we should note is, not all of them are the same.

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I also did analyze the case very well and came about similar suggestions before this woman finally confessed of faking everything. How can someone who claims she’s being visiting that Axim hospital regularly for antenatal but per the records there, she last visited the place last year in October. With that alone I got to know this woman has being faking everything before she confessed.

The police, the doctors, the woman and the husband all are liars, whether yes or yes they’re liars and the reason is that if the woman should be a prominent person the police will accept all her lies and even make sure they arrest some innocent souls for that

Chale this thing somebody talk for Nigerian wey dem arrest am ooo :joy::joy::joy:

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Eiii then I should start hiding :joy::joy::joy: