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World Cup 2026 Qualifiers

World Cup 2026Q: Ghana drawn in Group I. Would face Mali and CAR

Make no mistake, these countries aren’t joking around. Mali, Madagascar and Comoros might be our toughest opponents.

If we are going to qualify, then we must get busy.

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@BigBoss @Kwame_Kradi @Danny @Syrupkuv @Kwabena @AnyahOasis Omanba Forum Fantasy League 3.0 is loading. You guys ready?

Last season, I didn’t start well so going up became hard along the way. This time am starting strong :muscle:. Am ready paa :grinning:

Sometimes, you have a bad start and you are done! Starting strong and well is essential. I’m not going to slack either!

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I’m back again oooo guys and ready for u @Emp_Sel

My brother my brother :joy:
Officer Jacob
Welcome back

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Adey come worry u people again

We dey for you bro. Bring the heat :smiley: