Work hard yet I’m the least loved in the industry – Stonebwoy laments

Stonebwoy has bemoaned how he receives less support from the showbiz industry and fans in recent times*

•According to the BHIM Nation CEO, he puts in so much work but hardly gets recognized

Popular dancehall musician has expressed bitterness at what he termed as ‘lack of appreciation on the part of fans and the showbiz industry nowadays.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the BHIM Nation president lamented how artistes who put in the most work do not get the appreciation they deserve.

In essence, stonebwoy is of the view that hardworking musicians are the ones who enjoy the least hype.

He also talked about how an independent artiste like himself has been able to make great strides in the industry yet receives less love from people.

“What I’m about to say, my team members are preventing me from saying it. But I’ll talk regardless. The long and short of my message is that we are the least loved in the industry. They don’t love us but what matters is that God loves us. It’s a full house with my team in Paris with money out of my own pocket. I’m an independent artiste and have been able to do this. Sometimes it pisses me off because in the industry those with the hype are not putting in any work. The ones working including myself enjoy the least of hype,” he stated

He disclosed that the trip was fully footed by himself for each of his team members.

This is Ghana for you, Stone. No wonder the industry is not growing. Just continue doing what you do best knowing that some of us still love you regardless. In our hearts, you are the biggest artiste in the world. BHIM :fist:

Stoneboy is not speaking the truth. When it comes to music in Ghana, I think he is amongst the top 4 musicians so where is this coming from. Bhimnation is because of the Love and support the fans and Ghanaians gave him.

Just keep doing what u doing Stone. Jah dey watch everything u dey do. Ur guys dey ur back…

He’s just making noise, he should leave there, who is he supporting in the industry, how do you expect to be hyped when you are not hyping anyone , in the industry now, it’s sfs(shoutout for shoutout) . He knows this.