Women have ‘perfect’ bodies, but gay men still exist – Yvonne Nelson


The actress has sparked an online debate with a tweet that triggers a deep-seated concession about sexual preferences.

According to Yvonne Nelson, even though many women have seductive bodies, some men still prefer to have intimate relationships with other men.

She wrote, “A time when plastic surgery is very common, i mean women look like dolls these days….BUT……STILL…., our men love their boyfriends / boyFRIENDS. kindly explain.”


The tweet has garnered different interpretations, but the actress herself is keeping her cards close to her chest. These are some of the many explanations for the tweet.

“She means that men prefer to be with men instead of women even though women are like very hot nowadays.”

Source: 3news.com

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Chale this issue too, Hmm. I wonder why men now a days are interested in each other whilst there is beauty, sweetness and satisfaction in women

@Curl_Buns before I proceed any further, are you a he or a she? :sweat_smile:

Am a He
The lady on my profile is my girl friend​:joy::joy:

Ok that being said, you have a great and a natural taste! :fist:

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Sure why will I be interested in my self (a guy)? I prefer something soft and that can be found in women

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