Woman seeks divorce over husband’s inability to last longer than 2 minutes during s3x

A 25-year-old housewife, Lubabatu Ibrahim, on Tuesday, prayed a Sharia court sitting at Rigasa, Kaduna, to dissolve her union with one Habibu Ibrahim, over his mental health challenge.

The complainant, who explained that the union was blessed with a child, told the court that the defendant experienced convulsion and shouts at midnight and destroyed every item across his way.

He doesn’t last long in bed; he spends only two minutes during sex: I have advised him to seek medical help, but he refused, she said.

On his part, the defendant did not deny the complainant’s claim but added that he was seeking medical help at a psychiatric hospital and takes traditional medicine for his sexual problem.

He noted that he still loves his wife and would not like their marriage to be dissolved.

The judge, Malam Salisu Abubakar-Tureta, ordered the couple to present their guardians in court on September 21.

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This gender will always do impossible things… If you truly love him why not help him find solutions to his problem

But the men too should seek solutions to their own problems . If the woman had a problem with her sexual performance or appeal, the man would’ve long left her for another woman. If you have a sexual problem as a man, must you wait till things get out of hands? Let’s blame it on the man for not being proactive on his health. @KhodedBoss2

Sometimes you don’t know. Because some days can be there you will perform good and sometimes bad . I know the man must sort his health issues out. But where is that statement “for better for worse “ during the marriage ceremony @Kusie_Maame_Twe

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Why this man have not heard of Dragon anaa I should tell him? Men too naturally it should last 3-7 minutes so the man in this case is underperforming and needs a serious medical attention :joy::joy:

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I say errh that for better for worse statement kraa for no dey inside if dem dey do weddings laaa. Cos if for better come dierr hurraaaay. Buh if for worse come, hmmmm divorce


I don’t know who invented that statement cos nowadays it don’t even works. When there is happiness all of them enjoy and when little agreement starts one picks up his/her bag and leaves. This is something that is rapidly growing even though some still survive through until it’s better

It’s the best way but women generally are somehow complicated when it comes to matters like this. One point at a time they are okay with it and one point at a time they are not. But commitment and understanding of each other needs will spark a great marriage life