Woman robbed of GH¢29,000 at gun point

A 33-year-old woman was on Monday (September 20, 2021) attacked and robbed of GH¢29,000 at gunpoint by three suspected robbers at Apenkwa near Lapaz, in the Greater Accra Region.

The incident happened at about 3 pm while the victim was returning from a bank near the Apenkwa Traffic Light.

It is not clear if the woman is a staff or a customer of the bank.

A police statement signed by the Acting Director-General of the Public Affairs Directorate of the Ghana Police Service, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Kwesi Ofori confirmed the robbery.

It said the police were pursuing three persons suspected to have attacked the victim.

It said even though the victim was attacked at gunpoint, she escaped unhurt, however, a bystander who sustained injuries was responding to treatment

“We want to assure the public that these criminals can run but they cannot hide. We will get them,” the statement said and urged any person with valuable information about the incident to contact the police to assist with the investigation and possible arrest of the three suspected perpetrators.

The funny thing is that, I use this route almost everyday; that exact spot. It could’ve happend whiles I was there. Accra is really scary now

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hmmm, you must have been very fortunate. Thanks to God. Anyways you have to be extra carefull as well, cautious I should say.

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Hope they find them but still asking myself where are they going to find them???

Always they will be investigating cases but we will not hear anything again. Now even in broad day light they’re attacking people with gun. I saw some with my own eyes at atomic . A mobile money agent around 11:30am. Even police were in the traffic but can’t do anything because they robbers were holding gun

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You see erh I don’t really know why it’s only when a Police is going to operation before they’re given guns and maybe without even a bullet :thinking::thinking::thinking:

It’s because some this same people gv the guns to the robbers for this acts

well, that is their work. As such we expect that they give their best. Anyways, Let’s just give them our support and hope for the better

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That’s why we have the CID’s and it’s their duty to investigate in all these but they don’t do that

They do but once they offer them huge sum of money then everything comes to an end

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Yes that can be true but there can be trustworthy ones as well.
That’s why it’s necessary for each and everyone to be extra careful.
Some situations can be prevented

This robbery thing is getting out hand day by day , hmmmmm may God protect us all from such wicked people

And sometimes the tellers have hands in these robberies ooo

It’s true . If they know they squandered some money and they can’t replace, then they will do that or burn the place

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Is our streets safe at all? Where are the security and police doing to maintain law and order in our various towns and communities? Broad day light robbery, hmmm, if things were really working for the safety of everyone then this why not the life of the woman was at risk.