Woman kills 12-year-old son over memory card

A Chicago mother fatally shot her 12-year-old son in the head in a rage over a missing memory card, prosecutors allege.

Fallon Harris, 37, was charged with first-degree murder after the death of her son, Kaden Ingram, at their South Chicago home.

Kaden was found unresponsive on the kitchen floor with multiple bullet wounds to his head on Saturday morning, September 11.

Prosecutors alleged in court Sunday, September 12, that Harris was caught on a home security system firing the second and fatal shot.

In a Sunday court hearing, Cook County State’s Attorney Eugene Wood alleged the incident began mid-morning Saturday when Harris confronted her son over the whereabouts of a digital memory card she had taken out of her car Friday night, September 10. Wood didn’t say what was on the memory card.

According to prosecutors, the situation escalated when Kaden told his mum he didn’t know where the memory card was.Harris allegedly pointed a silver revolver at the boy and fired a non-fatal shot to his head.

Wood said that audio evidence recovered from the home’s security system showed that the first gunshot left the 12-year-old boy “conscious and crying.”

Prosecutors alleged that, while Kaden was lying injured on the floor, Harris took a phone call, then she returned to demand the memory card again.

In an incident Wood claimed was clearly caught on the security camera, Kaden told his mum again that he didn’t know where the memory card was, and then she fired a second, fatal shot at the 12-year-old child.

At that point, Wood claims Harris called two family members and admitted that she had shot her son over the missing memory card, The Daily Beast reports.

Those relatives called the police and the boy’s father.Officers arrived at the crime scene where Harris allegedly confessed to the shooting.She now faces a single count of first-degree murder.

Lavell Ingram, the boy’s father and Harris’ estranged husband, told the Chicago Sun-Times that there had been concerns over her mental state for some time.

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Wae yedi gyi grammy :joy::joy::joy:

Amani3 wo riase mu. This woman is simply wicked. A mother paa was able to shoot her own child over memory card she deserves to be hanged to death

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I don’t even feel how some people think :thinking: even to slap a thief is a problem for me 3na to talk of a gun :anguished::anguished::anguished:

What!!! Memory card? How much is thing that will make a mother explode that much with volcano fury to extent of brutally killing her own son? Anger is a serious disease :persevere::persevere:

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Isn’t it strange? What kind of crazy world are we living in now? Pointing a gun at your own flesh and blood and then shoot him in the head. Such a person shouldn’t be allowed to see tomorrow she needs to follow her son. They shouldn’t waste time in finding out whether she’s mentally ill, they should just shoot her to death as well and of course in the head too.

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There are so many unimaginable and insane things happening these days that scares me now. Today a mom shot her son in the head, tomorrow a man shot his mom etc, I’m even scared now to be real with you.

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Hmmm . How much is a memory card worth than a child. The child you carried in your belly for 9 good months then you shoot him within a few seconds all in the name of memory card.

Could it be because the memory card contains information that no one is supposed to see or it’s just an issue of her mental state? This is a sad news though.

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In this woman situation she values the memory card more than her son. The craziest part is, she doesn’t even know whether the son was the one who took it. She was falsely accusing the son and the son went on saying he isn’t the one who took it. She went on to shoot that innocent boy. Oh God this is beyond abnormality.

Most of this things happen because the parents and children are not too socialized in bonding. Parents are always busy to go work and coming back late. The kids take everything for granted at home, the parents also get angry on why the kids take things for granted. And the unfortunate starts

Yeah charlie. I’m sure another incident had occurred before she was looking for the memory card, but she couldn’t get over it. She will likely get either a death or life sentence simply because of anger management issues

This is barbaric from a mother, I least expect that from her . Where’s the compassion and love for kids. Hmm

That’s the state of the world we are living in now. So many unusual stories happening. A memory card was worth killing for? Wow this woman is heartless and doesn’t deserve to live to see tomorrow.

Na memory card dierr wub3 nya bi w) abotsi errhh. This is really wickedness and mental disorder. She must be dealt with

Am telling you my brother. She doesn’t deserve to be alive. She have to die a painful death

Bro @rkay , what anger can lead people to do erh. I have that anger issue and I’m trying so hard to manage and completely kill it off cos it has the tendency to distort and destroy lives

This wicked and heartless woman is the only one who can explain what was behind that memory card. She having an issue with her mental state right now as the husband said, doesn’t qualify this woman to be pardoned and sent to Psychiatric Hospital, she needs to be killed too for such an act.

Yeah. Same thing happened to my relative. She mistakenly beat her child to death because of these anger management issues she had. So sad

Eiii :face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face:, was she arrested and jailed , or it was a family matter that was solved? Anger no good ooo. I pray against excessive anger and outrage always.