Wisdom from sandy

Don’t fall in love and forget your family: because when things end in tears and your eye is clear, the only people to be left standing by you will be family.

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Unfortunately, falling in love is an emotional affair and if I’m right, emotions always cloud our sense of reasoning, to a large extent. This is why you can’t advice some one who is in love. I hope I’ll do better next time in my next relationship. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Aah so because of love you won’t listen or mind your family, hmm if it ends in tears for you now , only your family is your last refuge oo. Hmm the last time, I had relationship issues, my mum and my sisters took very good of my emotional needs and when my eyes clear, I started rethinking the family structure and roles. @Emp_Sel . Please do well to behave in your next relationship and don’t forget your family.


When you fall deeply in love there is nothing so precious to you than you lover. Family is always family but when that one person sets in, the love you have for your family shift towards that person. Even though you love your family but the things you’ll do for your lover, you’d hardly do that for your family. That’s why there is a saying that “Love is blind”, until when setbacks set in and you’ll know that “Family is like home, no matter where we go we still come back home”.

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Ideally, this is what the case should be but when the heart decides to love someone, the head follows without caution :grinning:

I agree with you @Sandy . Nevertheless, you don’t only need them because of the trouble you might face. You have to because you’ll need them eventually when you’re to settle down with your partner

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Oh sorry. Anyways, here’s something to buttress your opinion. Why we need not forget our family . Not my words thou but sounds good to me.

Let me give you an example. Think there is an exam tomorrow. You study hard, prepare well and most importantly the complete focus must be on the subject alone itself.

Now you go to the exam hall, write well without a second thought you still or your mind still focuses on the exam only.

What happens after the exam gets over?

You realize that the subject alone doesn’t make you graduate and you must focus on the remaining subjects too, to crack. Right??

Similarly love is like a subject. Its not falling in love makes you forget your family. Instead it is like putting all your focus on the relationship to make it strong and learn about each other very well.

But in order to live happily love(PARTNER) alone is not enough you need family,friends,relatives, or other people to make your life meaningful…

Once you have a strong relationship you need to focus on other things too by not neglecting the first one just because other person surrendered to you… Together and together will be forever…. Give equal importance to everything.


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@Sandy , family is family and I agree that you don’t need to relegate your family to the background because of your lover. However, sometimes, what I find is that, lovers(with the hopes of getting married someday), sometimes unconsciously do this and you can’t blame them because if they should get married eventually, that person(husband or wife) becomes the primary focus and not necessarily the family