Why Waste Your Precious Time Being Envious Of Other People’s Blessings’– Patience Ozokwo Asks

Legendary Nigerian thespian, Patience Ozokwo has asked why some people invest all their time in ventures that bring no progress to their own life.

She plainly asked why people spend their precious time being envious of other people’s blessings. The veteran star, known for her flawless interpretation of wicked roles in movies and always playing the villain, made the comment after she shared a new photo of herself dripping with so much charisma.

Patience wrote; “Why waste your precious time being envious of other people’s blessings?

In other news, actress Uche Jombo, obviously fed up with the way a lot of her fans and even journalists, both mainstream and bloggers misspell and mention her name, has come out to ‘set the record straight.’

The Abia state-born actress who has been in the industry for almost two decades recently shared a video to help people put the anomaly associated with her name to bed once and for all.

She noted that the correct spelling of her name “Uche Jombo” and not “Uche Jumbo”

Uche went on to say that some of her fans made mistakes with her name, thinking it’s a nickname. She further warned that she’s not going to tolerate any mistake concerning her name henceforth.

Source : ghgossip.com

It seems it’s easier to focus on other people than ourselves, it’s about time we all take a look at ourselves rather than being envious and wasting time on other people’s lives. Its good Uche is setting the record straight now , it Jombo and Jumbo… okey

It is in our nature as humans to be envious and greedy. It is sad a lot of people tends to succeed more in this attributes that, they forgot to do anything real in life.

They’ve made the living of others their business. So much time and effort is devoted to this cause. WELL DONE to them for their achievements.

Well spoken, people actually waste better parts of their lives or days thinking about others. They even become bitter when others are doing better than them.

This evil attitude sucks energy and retrogresses people’s life