Why some people decide to have more children than they can care for?

I’ve been think about this for a very long time and i think is a big problem in our country.

People have different incentives for why they decide to have many children. One of the many is, I want my children to take care of me when I grow old.

But this way of think is without problem, because your children can take of you financially only when you’ve the financial ability to put them on the right of success, and many of these people who decide to have many children don’t have the financial ability to do that

This go on the explain why many people in our country still remain poor in-terms of providing the basic necessities.
If you’re having children for the sake of having many children, then that’s a different topic.
But to have children with the mindset that somehow magically your children will one day make it big in life enough to come and take care of you without you the parent putting them on the right path to begin with, I think is delusional thinking and it later leads to all sorts of problems