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Why only few black peoples who travel to the west might be able to go back home

How “comfortable” should your life be before you’ll return back to where you came from? Is a bizarre question but also one that needs serious concern. So let’s talking about it

Many times black people don’t know that coming abroad is an entrapment depending on how one navigates it way around things, but many people might not be return to where they came from

Let’s face it, many Ghanaians who travel abroad were not doing so well economically back home. That’s why many of them travelled in the first place right?

Now, many of those people come to the west and get used to a way of life that they were not having back home.

They build networks of friends evolving their lifestyle. But one problem we’ve as humans is that our lifestyle is tied to our social identity. And when someone is a smoker for example, it might be difficult if not impossible for the person to break free from the addiction if that’s what the person want to do . Partly because they’ve a group of friends that they associate with on a daily basis, so giving up their smoking habit also means stop associating with those people. Which is impossible for many people

Many Ghanaians in the west are fully convinced that one’s they build one or two houses then they can finally move. But one surprising thing is that the houses they’ve built back home make statements on their own. Big, massive houses. They’re not the poor people that left Ghana sometime ago

If you’ve a big house and a nice car, you also need an income source to continuously fund that lifestyle. That’s where the entrapment comes in

Most of them don’t have a solid financial standing, they don’t have businesses that are doing so well that they can continue to fund their western lifestyle so they’re trapped in the west.

This problem exists whether you look at it or not, and only those who are aware of it can adjust to it. Is often their past getting in their way to the future

Thanks for wanting to know more than you did yesterday