Why must I go to the office after all these processes of registration?

9 solid process of reregistering Sim cards and there’s the Stage two, so unless I go to the office, I can’t get my details confirmed; what a countrty? So these so called tech experts can’t have us do things in the comfort of our homes?

Will these exercises get rid of Sim frauds? Can’t they just detect those fraudulent SiM cards and block them for good; and stop stressing us?

In two years time, there still will be momo fraud and Ghanaians will be asked to rereregister. Nkwasiasem akwakwa :rage::rage:


Me kraa I don’t know why we are supposed to go to the office again. After this long Process then you would now go to the office. Why won’t they let us go to the office and do it at once. Mtchww


That’s the point, if I had to come to office after all these, then there’s no need to start by myself. The office should do everything for me at once . what nonsense is this? Aah so we can’t think outside the box for once as a nation . This are the reasons why people say we don’t have leaders ooo. Foolishness has emboldened our hearts to the apex. This is completely annoying and I’m angry paaa


In all these , ministry of communication and national communication authority are the ones spearheading the process. I’m not sure they want solve a problem, they are only displaying mediocrity to make Ghanaians believe that they are working. This will come to nothing. People will still use sim cards to fraud.


This process is overly complicated. But wait, so there’s an ECOWAS ID card and a Ghana National ID card??? This is b0llsh!t. How many ID cards does the Ghanaian have?

I don’t even see the significance of the re-registration of SIM cards. Day in day out, these ‘nincompoops’ are looking for avenues in making the citizens slaves and uncomfortable. Ah! We are the ones that put them there, not the other way round. This is one of the reasons why I’m in support of the military take over in Guinea. One of the useless Ministries in this country is the Communication Ministry. Ursla Owusu is as clueless as the President himself. Mtcheew!


One moment , they claim ECOWAS card is the same as Ghana card , another moment, they say it’s not. I’m as confused as you are senior.

Whew! Everyone us angry about this whole reregisteration. This is about the third time I’m having to to do that .

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For me this is the way I see it: All the cards and re-registration madness are “projects”, that are granted money from the national coffers. And the more of these “projects” there are the more someone stands to get their cut. So they think up “projects” to get allocated money to get their share.

In Europe there’s only one card: the national ID card, you use that to vote, bank, authorise yourself with online services, hospital, travel. Everything with one single card!! And when you’re buying a new SIM they register it for you at the counter and all they need is just the ID number on your national ID card.

Bibini kraa bɛyɛɛ dɛn wɔ wiase?!?

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It’s all about spending the taxpayers money indeed. Chale until when?

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That ministry is one the ministries milking Ghanaians dry but yet purposeless at implementing simple tasks. You want to push for a digital publics yet, you want us to still come line up like slaves in offices of these dysfunctional telecom companies to register common sim cards. We queue for everything in this country . Even in Covid era where social distances must be respected. We are not learning ooo. Tweaaaa

Chale , I’m crying ; blackman :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Na if the internet speed kraa mpo is good nka I won’t mind. The internet speed is sh*t too on top.

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We are just passing through, adding to the world’s population.

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Total mess ooo herh :joy::joy:. As for the Internet, you must be ready for BP cos eeeii :joy:. Yesterday I almost cried la. Airteltigo fucked me up with poor Internet. I wonder if that’s the same Internet they will be using for this nauseating sim registration.

It is good to know that plans are been made to ensure comfortable living for the citizens. But what are they doing to execute those plans. As @Kusie_Maame_Twe rightly said, there is no need to go to the office when everything can be done at the comfort of our homes. What is the essence of creating the online registration in the first place :roll_eyes:.

For our Internet, hmmm. Before that why is Internet /data too expensive in Africa? This question has been bothering me for a while because I know it is less expensive in the western world. But why?

I think it’s because there aren’t enough ISPs in Ghana. It’s almost like a monopoly as far as internet services are concerned so the few ISPs don’t have competition and a reason to improve. In the west, there are hundreds of ISPs, everyone is trying to reduce their prices, increase their speeds to get more customers.

And now they are even believing in the Ecowas card more the our own identification card. It’s the same Networkers that would register SIM cards for these fraud guys. Where are they getting the momo merchant SIM cards from? Is it not the same workers that are doing it for the guys?