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Why are people like Obinim, Owusu Bempah, Obofour entertained in Ghana?

The degree to which most Africans revere religion is beyond my understanding :exploding_head:. Perhaps it’s something I’ll never understand. But let’s leave this for another time.

What I don’t understand is the level of attention some Ghanaians give to “pastors” like Owusu Bempah, Rev Obofour and the like. Why and how are they relevant in Ghana?

These are men of God who hold “beefs” and insult others, how can the least educated reach the high echelons of politics in Ghana in the name of a God who’s existence is itself questionable? :thinking:

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Africans are Naturally religious,

One would think that being religious for centuries with no progress on the continent, the people would stop and channel the energy to something more productive. The most religious continent on the planet yet the poorest.

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I think people follow them not just out of literacy but also out of desperation. There is a saying that “wherever poverty sends you, you’ll go”. If you’ve ever noticed, these so called men of God are out there selling hopes to their congregation, promising them a means to riches and an end to their miseries IF they only do what they tell them to do.


That’s a good point I never considered. African countries are way poorer than European and North American ones, creating the illusion in Africans that they can seek solace in religion. If African governments did better to increase the standard of living of Africans, I bet there would be no need for the “men of God”.

So basically it’s just the government fucking up citizens. South American and Asian countries are fairly religious too, and they are mostly as poor as African countries. There’s some correlation.