Who's watching Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Usyk tonight?

Any fans of boxing here? Who’s watching AJ vs Usyk tonight? :slight_smile:


I’ll be watching this and the time of it it’s great since it’s in the UK. Don’t have to wake up early in the morning to watch lol. Hopefully it’ll be a great fight. Already ready with my supermalt :sunglasses:
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Haha. Great. Who’s your money on? I’m predicting AJ will knock Usyk out in round 4 or 5. What say you? :smiley:

Yeah i agree. I’ll say round 6. Even though Usyk is no joke, AJ is too big and fast for him and can take also punches.

AJ is not too big than Usyk to make a significant difference I think. If Usyk loses I don’t want to hear any excuses from him. Hopefully what happened during AJ vs Ruiz I won’t happen again. AJ learned a lot from that loss against Ruiz.

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But hey, if Usyk wins i won’t be surprised either. He fears no one

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Them dey beat am for the same round you talk say he go knock out his opponent :joy::joy:.

The fourth round nu, he nearly fell . The punches are
already dazing him . It’s not over yet though but I hope they beat AJ basabasa

Like I said i’m not surprised the Usyk won. But AJ will be back for the 2nd fight. Don’t count him out

Chale AJ shock me paaa ooo. The way I thought he’ll finish him in less than 6 rounds. Usyk is a very smart fighter. Respect.

Rematch will be the same!

Now it’s over. Dem beat Aj basabasa.

What time is the match starting??? @siaw

Ooooh!!! meaning they fought already???

:joy::joy::joy::joy: my in ooo

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Yes bro, it was a bad night for Anthony Joshua. He lost to a better fighter.


Oh I hear say dem lash AJ waa. I also saw some clips. Charlie, it wasn’t easy for him… AJ is a good fighter but he lost against a better opponent because those punches eerr,…

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He didn’t just lose oo … them beat am basabasa, every single round m, he looked like he want prepared

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The basabasa di3, Usyk beat am :grin::joy::joy:. I come dey pity AJ sef. He thought the Ukrainian boxer was a walk over. Should they meet a again in another bout, dem go beat am again. This time round, Nyama nyama :sweat_smile:

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