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Who wins the World Cup 🏆 on Sunday?

  • France :fr:
  • Argentina :argentina:

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Personally, I think France is winning this again.

It would be nice if they win!! But I also want Messi to win a WORLD CUP​:pleading_face::pleading_face:

Personally I feel like the teams aren’t evenly matched

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Do you have to be told, they are taking it. France all the way

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No mercy for Messi. The best team should win in my opinion, we already know Messi is great but if his team underperforms, then France should take it.

Hehehehe…. I guess we all will see

Fair point…… I agree too.
If they are able to stop Mbappé then they may have a chance. The last time they met it was clear that they couldn’t defend him AT ALL! He was just breaking down their defence.

We are so focus on the 2M’s (Messi and Mbappe) that we forget about the other youngsters in the game. Personally I feel this game is meant for Tchoumeni and Camavinga. If they both start together in Midfield, Argentina wouldn’t know where the threat would come from. France’s depth in squad is what can worry but Julian Alvarez has some outrageous movement in the opposition box that can work for Messi to cause harm to France.

But the defense options are more now. An in form Saliba is on the bench. The DM’s are all young and are hungry to deliver especially in such a big game.

Griezman, Mbaape, Giroud, I’m hoping they could cause some real damage to Argentina’s defence.

Yeah and that’s true… Though I think experience will count because in a stage like this there is a lot of pressure!!!

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Keep dreaming

We shall see . France is winning :joy: :joy:

Lol, at the moment they are losing, where are all those who voted for France? :rofl:

Relax bro. The game just started :sweat_smile:

To be honest, France is not seeing top.

Never say die. Aregntina did same against Netherlands. It’s not over until it’s over :sweat_smile:

You see what I was saying about their midfield??

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:grinning::grinning::grinning: Unless they find defence breaking passes they can’t win