When The Assist Is More Beautiful Than The Goal

These assists are too beautiful not to share. :smiley:

Some of this assists are just too beautiful. I think we should have a separate award for assists going forward. :smiley:

Assist award is actually not a bad idea. It’ll encourage some players to be selfless and more mature. If there were Assist Award, I think Jordan Ayew would have played more maturely.

You really don’t like this guy huh? :joy: :joy:

Their coach even complained about his inability to score the last time.

Oh, I hate him to the core. Here’s the reason. As a striker you need to be scoring goals, we understand not all strikers are equal but if the goals are not coming, make up for it in other ways, like stay humble, be a team player or even ASSIST. This guy does none of that. If you’re Lewandowski or Messi and you’re arrogant we can understand, but this guy shaaa like sh*t!! So what at all is his use? He’s useless, and kills me kraa is there are 1000x better local players than him, but he’s there because of his father. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Martin Lawrence Lol GIF by Martin

I don’t like either of them kraaa. His brother inclusive though he is a better a player.

You see the tin. I can’t complain about his brother, I don’t like him too but at least Dede does something, and not as arrogant as his empty-headed brother.

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Won’t you leave Jordan Ayew alone? This guy is really suffering in your hands. :joy::joy:

You get all the points but here lies the case whereby the local players who are 1000x better than Jordan Ayew but can’t afford to pay the secret money you must pay, before receiving a call up into the national team.’ Who do you know’ is another issue right here.

Dede Ayew is someone who tries so much for Ghana and he playing is much understandable unlike his brother Jordan Pierre Ayew who always dream of being a Formula One Driver. It clearly shows he got no passion for football.

Aaaaa so the football is like some by force career. That’s why! Now everything makes sense.

Oh you never knew? He said it was his dream and still whenever he retires, he will start a Formula One Racing career. The football he’s playing is just by chance so allow him to play sh*t. :joy::joy: