When do you think it'll be appropriate to date?


Dating is seen as a valid technique for two people to get to know each other in many cultures.

Nonetheless, some young people may have a careless attitude toward dating. Perhaps they simply love being with a special male or female buddy and have no intention of marrying.

Dating, on the other hand, should have a noble purpose, such as supporting a young man and woman in deciding whether or not they want to marry.

Hence, at what stage in one’s life would you advise someone to start dating?

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In my opinion I would say, you don’t need to have everything in this world in other to start dating. One must not necessarily be at a particular point in life before going in to date. Now to date is like adding someone else issues that does not concern you to yours and one needs to prepare physically and mentally for that as well. That’s, you two must try and help each other to reach wherever you guys wanna be. And also you guys must understand that dating isn’t just for fun as so many people these days perceives it.

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Good one there. But what do you wanna insinuate when you say;

I think same too. Dating is quite an honorable way of determining compatibility

I meant one don’t need to own the world and everything in it before you can go in to date. Everybody deserves to love and to be loved so it doesn’t really matters your status before you can date.

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Okay sounds good. But just be well prepared in aspects

Dating is very necessary at early stage.

Mmm. Why do you say so @Manuel or why do you recommend that

Oh I see. Is that healthy? Does it make dating serve it’s noble purpose?

@racheampong dating is a journey to marriage,and so u need to start early to know the obstacles and how to endure it.

That is partially correct, @Manuel. Which sane person who would like to embark on a long journey without without any preparation.