Whatssap , Facebook and Instagram is down. How are you coping?

So WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram had been down for hours now. This is a worldwide problem oo, not only Ghana. It’s like bra mark zukubeg wants to hold the world to ransom ooo :joy::joy:.

So in absence of these, how are are communicating or socializing online?

Me: OmanbaForum got me :hugs:


I wish they’d be down for longer. I’m not attached to any of those apps in any way haha. I couldn’t care less but I can see it’s a big problem for most people.

Herh chale, I thought my data bundle was finished . I restarted my phone but still.

I hope whatever it is resolved quickly. If they can’t manage the app too, they can sell some to Mr siaw to properly manage.

The good news is that, this forum is not down so we are cool here, nothing spoil.

@siaw so you mean it won’t affect you in anyway? For business and other fast message purposes anaa you don’t care kraaa :sunglasses::sunglasses:

OF will stand strong through time. :stuck_out_tongue:
The only reasons OF will go down are:

  1. We’re doing maintenance
  2. I’m dead :skull:

Not at all. I use regular SMS when WhatsApp is down like today. I don’t use any of FB’s product for business or anything.

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You start to feel the power FB yields when it goes down. I wonder what people would do without insta, fb or whatsapp.

It’s a big problem to some people, especially those who use these apps for businesses. The slay queens on Instagram will not get market today and it’s bad.

You know, Facebook and watsap are mostly use to interconnect people across the world so , definitely, the dysfunction of the apps for even an hour is a problem.
When OmanbaForum.com slowed the other day and I couldn’t post or comment, I was not all that happy you know.

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Sorry about that. I’ll let you know in advance when we’ll be doing maintenance.

This mark zukubeg ankasa, he dey worry. Very soon we will boycott his apps and use only OF. He should be there

Take it easy na if you boycott Mark’s app and you all storm OF, you’ll crash our servers; we’re not as rich.
Di3 y3 bedi kraa sometimes 3y3 den :rofl:

Thank you boss. But we pleading that, moving forward, you get us an OF app so we can download from various stores.

It’s all about the:

Pay Me Kim Kardashian GIF by GQ

… that we don’t have.

Eei no wonder, u searched your name on Facebook saaa :joy::joy::joy:.

I never knew it was down until a friend drawn my attention to it. Previously I was calling my network service provider to complain to them that it seems my network is misbehaving when I on my data. Saa na WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram was down :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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But how long has Instagram and co been down? Has it been longer than 2 hours?

Is it the creation of the app or putting in the stores that is expensive? I see some useless apps in my playstore and I keep wondering of they pay to upload such things on there .

Since you are into these things, a little education will help me . :v:

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It’s not their apps that a just down, their stocks too are taking a nosedive:

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Eeei then start strengthening your system ooo cos very soon the population here may be huge and that , I’m sure will affect the normal functioning