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What's happening with the cedi?

The rate at which the cedi is dropping is shocking, it’s like it drops 1 cedi every single day. What’s happening in Ghana?

The cedi is now the worst performing currency against the dollar and this is so serious. $1 as at 4:00pm today was at Ghc14.05 and if things continue this way, $1 will hit 20-25 cedis at the end of the year.

This draws my attention to the calls for the dismissal of the Finance Minister by the NPP members of parliament which the President blinded by “Family And Friends” first has being refusing to do it. The finance minister as well as the minister of agriculture should be the first ministers to be kicked out if only The President got the balls which I don’t think he got.

It’s sad!!! But I guess stakeholders don’t really feel it because they enjoy taxpayers money

But on the real, why Nana Addo no wan sack his ministers? What kind of loyalty be this? Eii :sweat_smile:

It’s scary bro. I was thinking about it and something came in mind. The thing is, I think the finance minister is holding something(nυde videos and pictures) which could be anything you can think off, against Nana Addo and if the President dares kick him from office, he’s going to let those stuffs out.

It doesn’t even look normal anymore. How can their own party members are calling for the dismissal of the finance minister but Bro Kweku is afraid to kick him out. Eii hmm :sweat_smile:. It’s my opinion though.

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Lol. This can’t be true. So the president is playing victim to blackmail at the expense of citizens?? Naaaa adonbilivit.

Maybe they are all fools, and he has no option, if he sacks this minister, which pig comes in next? They are all animals.

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Start believing it because it doesn’t look normal anymore :joy::joy:. Common firing too Mr. President can’t fire so he’s literally useless in everything.

The thing is, Nana Addo don’t want to be seen as dumb after getting free advice to let the finance minister who clearly don’t even know why he’s a finance minister go. My biggest concern is, we all know the next will happen to be worse because he/she will be appointed by the same toothless bulldog.
This also shouldn’t be limited to only the finance minister but Nana Addo must also reduce the number of Ministers too. How can a small country like Ghana with a population of 33 million have over 100 useless ministers assigned to various offices.

You don’t whaaat? :joy::joy:

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Easy brother :sweat_smile: it could be me!!!

It’s bouncing back oo…. This is actually the time to go and buy! Not sell

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Ei chale, the Ghana Cedi is doing wonders ooo. It bounced back, no one is talking about it? How did this miracle happen? :smile:

Oh we are talking about it paaa. :smiley: Now I heard there will be 15% reduction in transport fares starting tomorrow. Hehehe

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:As it should be always !!

But this is not fair. 15% reduction in fares, when the cedi appreciated over 70%. 15% reduction in fares doesn’t add up, it’s not enough.

Fair point…. If you do that comparison it makes sense

But Ghanaians are happy anyway, they won’t fight for more… this is what kills me, the people don’t know what they deserve la. 15% reduction in fares and they are happy.

:joy::joy::joy:…. I guess something is better than nothing

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