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What's CBDC, and how that will change the monetary system forever

A new Central Bank digital currency is coming. And unlike cryptocurrency, this will be controlled

81 country has already embraced the idea of digital currency, and soon that will be the norm

But why should we worry about what’s coming?
Unlike cryptocurrency that’s dis centralized, CBDC will be controlled and the government will probably decide what you spend your money on, on what you spend your own money on, and when to spend that money.

Is a future with no privacy

All of this has a connection with the new world order agenda

What do you think, are you okay for a government to have total monopoly over your own money?

I don’t know what this is but anytime governments (especially the ones in Africa) involve themselves in anything, the citizens suffer the most

Government controlled crypto doesn’t sound good to me

In Ghana for instance, Nana Addo will find a way to tax it :joy:

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The western world will suffer the most from this system because their government will be able to assert more control over them than Africans . Our leaders don’t have the resources to implement such system , The Covid period made it clear at least for some of us who were taking note

Is a digital currency and unlike cryptocurrency, this one will be regulated by the government. The digital currency will be a substitute for the hard paper currency we use today.
There’s still more question about how such a system will be possible, but we will still have to wait and see because we’re at beginning of it and plans will very clear by 2030

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