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What y'all think, should Musk own it?

Hahaha, I honestly wouldn’t know how to answer this question, I mean I know some sh*t is going on with shares, Twitter, and Musk and free speech but not followed it enough to be able to answer this questions. What do YOU think @Aharon?

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What is Musk’s endgame is what I repeatedly ask myself and anyone willing to pass off anything close to an answer. It’s as though he has a mission with everything he does (not that no one has a reason for the things they do). Is he trying to own certain key sectors/things? I can’t tell if Elon is one who believes in freedom for what it actually is/means or that he has some ulterior motive. As in, freedom to breathe, to walk where i want to on the surface of the Earth or even on Mars that he so wants to populate, and so on and so forth. Sometimes one is left in a desert of thoughts and left to decide whether a story/condition/situation is real or fake. What is a conspiracy? @siaw

I never knew he is South African until he bought Twitter lol

This man should buy Ghana and make it was it supposed to be :joy:

I tell you! Buy Ghana and get the politicians out and make his AI technology govern Ghana, that’d be better na this our politicians omo agyimi too much!

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Well I think the dude wants to create a bigger dent than he already has, it’s the same with all the rich guys, they all want more and more of something, that’s how they roll, they have the money so why not. I don’t really think there’s any motive, but the conspiracy theorist will disagree of course, they live for news like that to conjure stories.