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What are some of the causes of the youths who are sick in the head (mad) :rage: on the street???

It could be as result of so many things. Notable among them is substance abuse. You can find a lot of youths at the β€œgetto” abusing all kinds of substances like weed, tramadol etc. This will definitely hang you out to dry.

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There are a lot of answers to this question. Frustration sometimes leads to these. And also the abuse of drugs by the youths. This days smoking have become something normal for the youths.

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@Emp_Sel & @KhodedBoss2 you didn’t add lack of employment and lack of employment can lead to all that you’ve mentioned

If a teacher ask a question don’t use the almighty answer. Else you will lack points

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: wow you are right bro

I don’t think so. You are unemployed doesn’t mean you should throw your life away. Circumstances can be overwhelming but we always have a choice. Ana?

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What if the person submitted employment letters several times and got bounced someone like me I applied for military and because I’ve been gyming and got hard 8 packs I was rejected during body selection :joy::joy::joy:


So are you abusing drugs because the military rejected you? I don’t think so. Life itself is a challenge brother. It’s all about how we handle circumstances.

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.

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Naaah I don’t abuse drugs :joy::joy::joy::joy: but the reason why they rejected me dey funny most

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