What will you do differently, if you were the President of Ghana and how will you do it

There has been lot of talks here about how incompetent our leaders are, what will you do differently If you were to be in their positions and how would you do it to improve and better the living conditions of Ghanaians. Let’s see how you would fix the country.


Hmm this question; I don’t really know what I’ll do because I can’t tell until I become the President. One thing I’m confident I wouldn’t do is to hire a private jet at the cost of several thousand of dollars per hour. That one paaa dier God forbid!!!:joy::joy::joy:

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So what will you do instead, buy a plane or fly executive?

This is an interesting question which needs a lot of thinking through. We can all say what we think can change when we become presidents but ask yourself whether you will follow their footsteps irrespective of you opposing to their wrong doings in the country. This topic can generate into another topic for discussion :thinking:

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Great topic. I’ll post my thoughts soon.

@Aharon @Yayah @ruffrider have you seen this? :smiley:


Ghana has a presidential jet abi?

It’s really a difficult question tho. One can change if given certain positions. But some of the things I will do as a President is, I make sure I complete unfinished projects before initiating new ones. I would also impose huge tax on the income of the MPs and also create more employment

Even if the completion of those new projects is to the credit of your opponents? This is Africa remember!

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My brother, it is easier said than done. Remember that.

I know we are in Africa but this is to bring development. I know that if I do the good now someday people would recommend me for my good work. And be like this President came to complete other projects and brought development

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I know but I can’t follow the trend they are doing . That’s why I said even thou position changes people

**This a broad question and one has to approach it by looking at different angles **

First of all I will start with our education, because that’s the main engine drive of our modern day.
We need an education that reflects our values and beliefs as people, because that will help us to believe in ourselves and be proud as peoples. Because most educated peoples in our country are always looking at outsiders to be precise for inspirations, and there’s not a connection between what they’re studying in our schools and their communities, there’s a mismatch to implement what they’ve learned back into their various community’s . How can people without a sense of identity but constantly has to look at others even realize they’re capable of inventing something unique?

and I will help creativity by bringing in foreigners who will be forced to work with locals students, to help them learn new ways of solving most of our country infrastructure problems and develop new ideas whiles still giving them jobs, that will make sure that we don’t have to depend on others every time to do what we have to do as a country. Is a lot, but I believe here is a good place to start


It’s clear our system isn’t working from health, education to infrastructure etc, nothing is actually working to help improve the lives of the people in the country, it is rather deteriorating day in day out. I believe we are as a country to stubborn too learn from our mistakes and seek for help. Why don’t we learn the systems of other developed countries and then better it.



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And our leaders travels to this developed countries everyday. Can’t they pick up a thing or two?


That’s an interesting theory @ruffrider… I would like to know your idea on health also so if you could enlighten us with your philosophy concerning that too


Ghana has not progressed since Independence due to the activities of politicians and Chiefs. There are two main institutions that are hindering the progress in Ghana – Politicians and chiefs. These groups have nothing better to offer the country, all they do is to take advantage of Ghanaians and ‘milk’ riches out of them for their personal gains.

So the first thing I’m going to do as a president is, to make corruption very unpleasant for any government official and chiefs to engage themselves in. We not progressing is due to corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds by the state officials and sometimes chiefs. Now an official might be given an amount of $150 million to construct a world class roads, schools, hospitals but due to his selfish interest, he will construct this all with just $12 million and keep the rest in his pocket. Within a year or two, those things we spent millions of money on deteriorates since inferior materials were use by the one in charge of the project. I will make sure the constitution treats such things by state officials as first degree mürder because this has being the major reason why we’re still stuck as a country. Bringing this under control, there’ll probably be progress in the country.


So you’ll make amendments to the constitution right? Don’t forget you are just the President not a parliamentarian. What if you don’t even have the majority in parliament? And the majority is still interested in corruption, embezzlement etc…

You’ll have the toughest time as a president to the point of even being impeached. :joy::joy:


Just as @ruffrider said, a better education system should be the very first initiative, we are in an era where technical is more relevant than ever. Most developed countries rely on this to build a better country, technology is taking over and we are still very ignorant about it, why won’t we be left behind. And because of this we suffer in the agriculture sector which is suppose to be the ultimate source of revenue for the country , with mineral set aside.