What’s your goal?

Do you want to get similar result? ( flat tummy, build muscles, weight loss, etc)

My goal is to remain slim . Nothing like work out or loose wait

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Well, I plan to hit the gym at least 4times in a week. Love to work on my body at the least given chance.

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@KhodedBoss2 :cat::cat::cat:, just like me, I remain slim and don’t have to stress myself for building or loosing anything. I just have to eat and sleep well .:grinning:

:joy::joy::yum: we can’t come and kill our selves bro .

Alright I’ll drop a workout routine soonest

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:joy::joy::joy:macho man no take ur girl before :joy::joy::joy:

Aswear bro :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, as for keeping fit, it’s important in our daily lives through walking, run up stairs and down amongst other rigorous passive exercises. That only is enough,unless you want to join Ghana most strongest

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:joy::joy::joy:u no fall for stairs top before?? :joy::joy::joy: