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What’s happening here?

@Emp_Sel what’s going on here? :joy::joy:
@Syrupkuv, @siaw you guys should come and have a look at @Emp_Sel team being thrash.

Relax. It’s too early to be jubilating our loss.

It’s now 4:2 and you’re there saying it’s too early :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

Lol. They’ve scored your team a you say it’s too early…

Not a small defeat. That team got promoted to the senior level which is the Bundesliga just this season and they’ve humiliated Bayern Munich like that. Bayern Munich and Black Stars today, there’s no difference. :joy::joy:

Lewandowski scored two goals today so it’s still a win for me. :joy:

Have some respect. How can you compare us to the black stars just because we lost a game today? :joy:

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You got 0 point out of 3 points and you’re there saying it’s a win for you because Lewandowski scored 2 goals. You need E-Levy cake this evening. :joy::joy:

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We are still on top of the table, correct?

Chale char chale Bayern burn my last money

@siaw @danny come and see.

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@Syrupkuv is not ready to give up on betting. Bet till casket close :joy::joy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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@Syrupkuv it seems we’re quite about our achievement today. Chelsea won the Club World Cup which makes us undeniably the best club in the world :blue_heart::trophy::earth_americas:.

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Bayern made my mood swing kraaa

Bayern Munich caused nationwide bleeding yesterday :joy::joy:

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I swear ooo the whole globe :earth_americas: w like damn Bayern Munich :joy::joy::joy:

Football is business and they will be doing everything or anything that will profit them. It’s this same betting sites that are being sponsoring these teams, so they will do everything for them to get more than enough money. You get my point? :grin:

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Bro relax. Bayern is still one of the best clubs in the world! “Failure is part of the success journey”. :smiley:

We will bounce back tougher and stronger. Our game with Salzburg on Wednesday will be a testament to this.

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