What problems could blockchain technology solve in Ghana? 🧱⛓

I’m getting increasingly interested in blockchain technology. I’ve been checking out some resources on Ethereum, Web3, dApps, etc and trying to brainstorm some ideas to see if I can find enough motivation to go head-on with the technology but I want to ask some of you what you think could be some of the practical applications of blockchain.

My initial thoughts are providing ways for the unbanked to save, lend, borrow and transfer money, but I’d be happy if anyone could shoot some ideas here. :smiley:

For the meantime, we can use blockchain technology to run our parliamentary and presidential election just as it was recently used in Sierra Leone in their presidential and parliamentary elections.

Wow. I know we can use blockchain for elections but never actually knew Sierra Leone started this already. This is good news!! If Bawumia want to truly digitise Ghana, we need this, cost-effective and transparent!

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Sierra Leone has already leapfrogged in the application of blockchain technology with respect to election and Bawumia is here say e-this e-that.

Bawumiah won’t endorse something like this because he knows they’ll remain in opposition forever since they can’t tamper with the results this time around.

The politicians themselves knows they can’t handle transparent elections in Ghana.

Lol. I thought of the same thing, we’re too corrupt to work with this kind of technology.

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Africa and corruption is like Tom and Jerry :laughing:

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