What Living In Ghana Has Been Like For A Nigerian|| The Things I Like About Living In Ghana

As a Nigerian I watched the video for less than a minute, and you said "things work here, and they have a functional system " that statement alone worths so much to me. I’ve lived in USA and Ireland, to hear you say that about an African country, that sent chills all over me. Happy for you and all Ghanaians and residents alike.

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I’m finding it difficult to follow your post. What video are you talking about? Is this post meant to be a response to another post?

Thanks for sharing the video. But as a Ghanaian, there’s too much sugar-coating in this video or she hasn’t been in Ghana long enough to see the shitty side of Ghana.

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I can’t disagree, the content of the video is accurate. But I cannot say it is a picnic here either. There are also plenty reforms tat are needed in the system

You see in Nigeria :nigeria:, is really hard over there . So if they come to Ghana and they feel things are somehow good then they are happy.

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I wouldn’t say she’s just sugar-coating, maybe that’s how she finds the system.
Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have because you think you you already have it. Meanwhile someone who doesn’t possess that would be glad to go the extra mile to have that.

This can also be likened to what a musician in Ghana said in her song;

In this world, everybody is looking for something. No matter what they have, everybody is looking for more