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What is "owl" in Twi? 🦉

I’m designing some characters for articles that I want to write to teach programming, I have a human character and an owl. I want to name the owl and I want to use Twi names. I’m not sure what’s the correct name for an owl. I called the owl character “Apetu” but did some googling and it appears the Twi name for “owl” is Patuo, but I don’t trust Google. @Kwabena @Aharon any help?

Hahahaha honestly what u know is what I know too. I wouldn’t go with google, perhaps ‘Patuo’ is referring to the Akan name and not the Twi name (am just speculating)

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Yeah Patuo seems to be it, i would say that’s right. Patu or Patuo Mpatu/o for plural.

Also had a look in a twi-english dictionary i bought that says it.

Also would recommend this website: run by an actual Ghanaian. Not every word is in there but most words are.

Book is by Paul A. Kotey


As far is I know, Twi is an Akan dialect anaa?

Nice. Thanks.

I see you’ve invested a lot in cultural education. :smiley:


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right so Akan is made up of different dialects, twi included. My logic is perhaps altogether a word in Akan for something may be different for the different dialects. Like they have in China; Mandarin as universal but the different dialects in China have a slightly different way they speak. But u have your answer anyway so my logic is flawed hehe

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See this:

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