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What is happening to Chelsea tonight?

Obviously it looks like “the bridge is collapsing” as Chelsea is losing 3:1 to Real Madrid. @BigBoss @Danny @Syrupkuv do you think you can bounce back?

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Yes we can and if we do not qualify Bayern can’t too. I bet you @Emp_Sel

Bounce back to where? :joy::joy:. The qualification has already fallen inside water. The lucky thing I did before the match was eating if not by now…. :joy::joy:

Bro it being so long. I hope everything is fine aside our lose to Madrid yesterday? :grin:

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Lol bro. Bayern have the upper hand the return leg at Allianz Arena and you know very well what we can do when playing at home and besides, it’s just a goal. Chelsea on the other hand might not qualify because I don’t see you winning Real Madrid at home

Nice observation. Chelsea can still qualify if they put in the work. 2goals to nil and you are leveled on aggregate.

Do you also think Bayern can’t qualify?

Everything cool man I just base

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I seriously don’t have any hope now concerning our comeback in the return leg on Tuesday and that’s the truth. We should have at least hold on to the 2-1 but 3-1 won’t be easy to overturn. I don’t really want to raise my hope and get any disappointment on that day. This is football though and anything is possible in football but I have little hope now. On the other side, we can do the comeback only if we don’t display that kind of football on Tuesday.

Even if Villarreal scored Bayern 3 or 4 goals at their home, I can still bet my penny on Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena to overturn the scores. You guys are through to the Semi’s already.

I understand bro. It’s good to have you back with us :clinking_glasses::handshake:

It’s a good thing we played away first leg.

I agree.

We can qualify but we have to get rid of benzema :expressionless:
Besides, if we don’t qualify Bayern too will not. :joy:

How does your qualification correlate with that of Bayern? Do we have blθθd covenant or something? You boys are funny. :joy:

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