What is god like?

What is God like?
No human has ever seen God because he is a Spirit, which means that he is a higher form of life than the physical creatures who live on earth. (John 1:18; 4:24) Nevertheless, we can discern God’s personality from the things he has made. For instance, the variety of fruits and flowers tells us of his love and wisdom. The size of the universe tells us of his power.​—Read Romans 1:20

We can learn even more about God’s personality by reading the Bible. For example, it tells us what God likes and what he does not like, how he treats people, and how he reacts in different situations.​—Read Psalm 103:7-10.

Whom am I to know or understand who and how God looks like . The Bible makes us understand that nobody knows his beginning and no one will know his end. The thesis and theories propounded by people with particular agenda tof explain how God looks like had not washed over the years