What is a common misperception about ghanaians living abroad?

Why do some Ghanaians always think that people living abroad are rich or have it all?

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I think it is because of what they see in movies and what they hear from people who have actually been abroad. For example, if a person follows Twene Jonas, looking at the way he talks about US, won’t a lay person think that everyone in US is rich? So you can’t blame them(people in Ghana)

I would attribute that to what they have heard or seen just like Russell said.

Again many Ghanaians who do not make it after they have been in abroad as they anticipated feel ashamed. They cannot bear the shame, as such they tell their families everything is fine.

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Exactly. I’ve never heard anyone in abroad say, “things aren’t going well for me” before. They are always like everything is fine and they are living a good life. If they say things that really go on up there, people will know it isn’t easy like that. Many Ghanaians sleep in subway stations and under bridges abroad, especially in US, but I’m sure they tell their families otherwise

I won’t exactly say it’s because of what they’ve heard or seen in the movies. I think it is evidential enough. Someone goes to abroad and in a year or two later, the person is putting up huge mansions and having businesses running for him/her. What other way do you think we can interpret this? The system is working in abroad, right? In a way, I don’t think it’s a misperception or misconception. Living in abroad the right way is far better than living in Ghana.

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I believe the common misperception about Ghanaians abroad is that they bathe corpses, they brush horses teeth etc. I don’t know if the first Ghanaian that went to Abroad did that job, that’s why it is associated to all Ghanaians abroad

Bro you said it all. Period :white_check_mark:

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