What gift should I buy her?

On Tuesday, 3rd August, I met a nice young lady at the mall, West Hills. She was climbing up the stairs right after KFC when entering the mall while I was leaving.

Believe me, the lady is a dripping fiiinnnee :heart_eyes: damsel dang!! Wearing a light blue flower-patched straight dress with her curves slinging east-to-west and shaking helplessly at every step she took. The sun was setting (4:30-5pm) and this brought more tone on her brown skin… her lips are thick but were not that oily. I think her short corn-row (I don’t know much about ladies hair) meant she was more into the natural choice of lifestyle.

Thing is, I knew she was way out of my league but I think the village people were having launch so some strange vim entered yo mans. Our rapport and chemistry was great when I approached. In fact, I don’t really remember the stupid line I used to get her to smile.

Obviously, I knew it wouldn’t last but in a wierd way, I forced myself to believe that with God all things are possible. :joy:

This is not some story, it really happened.

The thing is, after I left, I knew I had to think of something interesting to talk about the next time I called and it must not have been, “how are you” or “can we just hang out”. It had to be something interesting. Fun. Intellectual, maybe (turns out she is sapiosexual).


I fell ill.

Well, not really ill. I think i was stressed. It was Friday. Monday to the Thursday work activities had really drained me. Including all the work I had to do online. I knew I had to take Friday off before getting ready for church activities, kicking it up at full speed. I decided to call it illness. Severe Illness :joy:

I had not called her since the Tuesday we met. I learnt that on YouTube :joy:. I had also learnt to play the game like you don’t care (whatever that means)

So I called her.

As soon as she picked, I told her I was not feeling well. Then she said something that made me think she was a bad girl.

She said she’d come and take care of me…

Whether it was her joke or this was real, I couldn’t think straight… but this is what I said: “Erm…”


Then she said, she’s just trying to care because she likes how I easily built rapport with her. Then she said if I don’t want her to come, that would also be cool.

Gaddemit… :tired_face: SHUT UP!! Never say that again. (I spoke to myself)

Come. You can please come. (I told her)

I wanted to explain to her how she looks way out of my league and it feels like a wierd dream n all but I didn’t want to ruin anything…

The turn of events is what made me begin to think that the fine lady might proly be a h*kr. Hmm.

Let me cut to the chase.

Eventually…, she came. :kissing_heart:

She was wearing this brown straight dress with a nice ladies type jacket on. She’s the type that will always stand out even among some celebrities. After I met her at the junction close to my house, I had to greet everyone by the road side bcos believe me, I realised that’s what they wanted. I looked like a no match with this one. And I saw it in people’s eyes. They probably thought I was sent by a big man to pick her woman up for her. So I had to play along for them.

We got to my hall. Her entrance lit the place. The perfume she was wearing (flowery and feminine) filled the whole place. Her voice, omg. Her voice can make an angry man orgasm.

Then she removed her jacket. I lifted my head…!!



Ooh gosh​:anguished::anguished::anguished:…pls continue errh

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Yo @apuu, the suspense is too much oo :joy: Abeg come and continue.


Ha! Read the story only see “TO BE CONTINUED”… bring the rest masa.


Mr @Apuu , abeg the story had to be continued within today anaa oo​:joy::joy::joy:

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Part 2 continues this morning… :grinning:

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