What Developers In Ghana Need to know

Guys, it is so obvious that, in Africa(not limited to Ghana), when it comes to software development, we do not not pay enough attention to the UI/UX and extreme localization on user-based-errors.

We tend to make things very basic and awkward which in turn drives users away and even reduces session rates rom long term users.

Please note that, even the average users in Africa understands the benefits of UI/UX on an app; which will increase their WILL to “in-out” in an application.

OmanbaForum.com is a great website/(semi)webapp. But i am not impressed by the UI/UX.

  1. Lacking in Placements and Plan for the layout
  2. Too-Serious validation - (“Your password is too short” —> At least 10 passwords). This is not a site that may not, or at least for the time being, won’t accept any serious credentials like credits card info, and more; why ask a user to enter at least 10 characters for a forum site? Users can leave. You may receive lots of Bounce Rates.
  3. Email CONFIRMATION on fresh sign ups - Don’t ask users (Most traffic is even from Africa) to confirm their email on Fresh Sign Ups. Not all will confirm. They’ll leave. Instead, sign them in, and display mostly RED validation status to push them to confirm later. Omanba does not collect any serious info, like a SaaS service or a complete social media with tons of regulations from other countries. Asking users to confirm their emails in situations like this will drive most INTERNET users away.
  4. Awkward User Messages.

I wish I can list more but some other time.***** But for now, great job Omanba!

I hope devs. in Africa especially from Ghana, should top up their UX/UI well even if “It is Africa”.



What would you improve with our UI? The UX I agree can be overwhelming for new users, but you get used to it quickly if using OF on a computer.

I have no idea what you mean by this.

You’re right about this. I intended to change this earlier but forgot. I’ve now reduced the password length to 8 characters. I won’t mind reducing it further to 6 even.

The reason we do this is to have a good reputation with your email servers. Because right after sign up we send emails which might include digests or notifications. If the user doesn’t opt-in, our email servers and IP stand a risk of being marked as SPAM and we’ll have problems with all emails from our domain.

What are some of these awkward messages so we can have a look and change them?

Thank you for pointing these out and welcome to OF @owusuappiah :slight_smile:

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