What causes people to cheat

Honestly this discussion is one most people have already talked about over and over again but have no definite answers to it. I believe that if a person honestly cheats on you it mean a lot of things
no love, lack of affection etc.
This has to do the person not loving you in the first place and just tagging along with you for the ride . I could be your money, the look ( how you guys look together),peer pressure and all sorts of reasons
This is one that most people go through and it hard because nowadays if you are in a relationship saying I LOVE YOU or giving hugs are not enough for us anymore. We yearn for intimacy and we are not even ready for the consequences . that has now become the standard for relationships now so if you are not giving your partner this intimacy it means you do not love him or her and that is just sad honestly.

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All the above mentioned are facts most especially the No.1, they just want to stick around and get something from you excuse me to say most especially the ladies

And the reason why some women cheat on their men is the attention and intimacy, some guys doesn’t give the attention woman would need that would make her think otherwise

This question is a big one. I always say nobody can cheat in a relationship unless they wanted to. There is no such like ‘oh! it was an accident’, ‘I’m sorry, it just happened’. Charley, It’s all about indiscipline.


Humans by nature are polygamous, especially men. Society brought about monogamy along with its problems. We wouldn’t be having this discussion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: