West African leaders hold emergency Mali summit in Ghana

Leaders of the West African regional bloc gathered in Ghana for an emergency summit on Mali in response to the latest political crisis that threatens the stability of the country, Ghana’s president said Sunday.

President Nana Akufo-Addo opened the summit in Accra saying the regional political grouping the Economic Community of West African States, known as ECOWAS, must “ remain resolute in supporting the people of Mali to find a peaceful solution, and restore democracy and stability in the country.”

Mali’s constitutional court on Friday named Col. Assimi Goita as the West African nation’s government days after he seized power by deposing the president and prime minister and forced their resignations. Their arrests Monday by the military took place hours after a new Cabinet was named the left out two major military leaders. The court Friday said that Goita would take the responsibilities of the interim president “to lead the transition process to its conclusion.”

Interim President Bah N’Daw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane had been appointed following an August 2020 coup led also by Goita. The military staged a coup d’etat against former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita that led to mediations then by ECOWAS that were also led by Nigeria’s former leader, Goodluck Jonathan The transitional government was set up with Goita as transitional vice president. Elections were to be held in February and March 2022.

After taking power this week, Goita assured that elections would still be held, however, it’s unclear what part the military will play in the government given his latest actions.

Source- independent.co.uk

I think relying on ECOWAS and AU to bring sanity to Mali will take much time, or perhaps it might not even happen. Mali needs the international community. ECOWAS/AU is filled with too much old men who are scared of action. Mali indeed needs help.;

What are they going to talk about , how to solve Mali’s problems, let us think ooo African leaders. You can’t do anything than to go sit and drink tea. You luck I deas on how to solve your own problems so leave mali problems for them to solve. If they like they can eat themselves we are tired of them.

Lol the headline kraa that’s making me laugh, hold emergency Mali summit , like they are going to be solving the issue like within some few hours, I bet they are going to talk about how to borrow funds and other international support