Welcome To Our New Members

Guys, let’s welcome our latest members to Omanba Forum:

@K2_Official @Timis @Daniel144 @Kobby_Brey @thomasSefah @Adurowura @greathouse_tv @luna @Menana @Sey @Williams_Danku @M_Cube @Clara_Mhaya @Moore_Creatives @Vashti_Olivia_Ayim @khronicles_Darfour



welcome guys. happy to have you guys around. feel free to introduce yourselves individually if you feel like it :laughing:… we’ll be happy to know you <3

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Hi there, I’m Felix Ansah and I welcome you guys into the fam :v::hugs::hugs:… it’s a free platform , so do not hesitate to share your opinions and get interactive, every thought counts… Welcome

Ghana’s #1 online forum is a place for all of us. Welcome to the team. Let’s get interactive, guys.

Hello there, am Abena and I welcome you all to this platform. Feel free to comment on post and ask questions too

Hello seniors, I’m kwame and I welcome y’all to Ghana’s first and number online Forum (OmanbaForum.com). Here we post and discuss pertinent social , political, entertainment , sports, relationship and $3x and all other related issues.

You network with other members here directly for opportunities and assistance since the platform operates as social media network as well. Welcome to the new experience and please make it fun and have fun💖

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Welcome to Omanba
I’m Russy😁

Hi guys I’m new here

Welcome @Prince_Nkansah to OF. Hope you have a nice time with us :heart:

Please ask away if you need help with anything on the platform :wink:

hi @mike254 welcome you guys to the forum just activate yourself to the world.

Hi bro @Prince_Nkansah , you most welcome to Ghana’s best online Forum. In case you need any assistance abut the pageor forum , please don’t hesitate to send @siaw a private message through this forum. You can also reach out to any member here through same medium. Have a blast.:fire::fire::fire:

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Yh man. You’re most welcome. Ayekoo for making the effort to join us. Here’s home so feel free feel at home

Akwaaba chief, no stress , relax and have fun posting and commenting … you have any difficulty drop a question and you will get your answer ASAP​:relieved::relieved:… you gonna love it here​:relieved::relieved::relieved::+1:t4::v: