We want Akpeteshie factory as 1D1F – Chief to Akufo-Addo

Newly installed chief of Asebu Putubiw Nana Bokyerwa Ekwembir IV is convinced the abundance of sugar cane and palm trees in his area makes the setting up of a distillery factory easier.

Nana Ekwembir IV, who is also the Adontsenhen of Asebu Traditional Area in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District of the Central Region, is therefore calling on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to set up an Akpeteshie factory in the area.

Speaking after his enstoolment and that of Nana Kweenuwa Akyerebapa II, Queenmother of Asebu Putubiw, the chief said raw materials for the proposed factory will be easily available as there are vast lands for the cultivation of sugar cane and palm.

Again, he said per his research into crop production, the District is the largest producing district of citrus in Ghana.

Therefore, he suggested, an orange factory will also be good.

Nana Ekwembir IV said sometimes they are at the mercy of Ivorian buyers as they produce in abundance.

He said the products of these factories if approved and come to fruition, will be exported for foreign exchange. For him packaging is all about it.

“So we are calling on investors to come for land to start these factories.”

What the hell is wrong with the chief?? I guess he’s taken tramadol before speaking

It’s a nice suggestion . He is really thinking because he knew akpeteshie has high consuming rate so that’s why he is saying that. And the orange factory too he is making sense. This are the type of chiefs we want not those who wants everything for their selfish gain

As for the orange side dier adey support am but the other NO whether its consuming rate is high or not

Why NO. The akpeteshie is not only for drinking. There are a lot of things they can do with it so my brother he has his own idea. Let’s see what he will come out with if the chance is given to him

Fine I barb you now :joy::joy::joy:

There are lots of other products that are made from this spirit called akpeteshie. I’m not sure the chief’s call for a factory was with ill intent at all. We can distill, and use its by-products and products for exports and domestic uses. Lots of revenue can be generated if we are strategic about it.

The chief calling for Akpeteshie factory and orange factory under the 1D1F isn’t a bad idea. Many are aware of the products that can be made from oranges so I will stress more on the Akpeteshie that’s where many are disagreeing with the chief suggestion.
To begin with, is Akpeteshie illegal in Ghana? If no, then that should tell you how important it is in our society. Despite it abuse this locally made gin has being there for a long time and it’s about time we refined it, brand it in a very beautiful way to meet foreign standards which through it exports,we can get enough money out of it.