We’ve not received a penny for Olympic Games - Paralympics Committee

President of the Ghana Paralympics Committee Samson Deen has disclosed that they have not received a penny for their camping in Japan.

Speaking on Radio Sports, he expressed pain at the failure of the government to release funds for them to embark on their competitions.

He noted that they were yet to receive any funding for their participation at the ongoing Olympic Games.

He specifically asked the Finance Ministry to release funds to the Committee.

He said releasing the funds has become extremely difficult, and that is not something they appreciate.

Releasing funds for important events like the Olympic Games is difficult but it is easy for them to release funds for Akuffo Addo to bath in the sky at an amount of $20,938 per hour. Most of this politicians will never make heaven.

The government an ministry of sports have the mandate to sponsor and support these athletes going for the Olympics games in Tokyo. We shouldn’t expect any medal from the participants if they are no supported.

We waste monies on black stars but cannot raise some small funds for other sports. Treat all sportsmen equally

Why are they attacking the government, it’s just the sports committee they should be pestering, the sports ministry. This reminds me of the black maiden issue, you blame the wrong people and the person you are suppose to be blaming , doesn’t even care.