We’ll increase patrols to curb armed robberies in Upper East – Police

The Upper East Regional Police Command says it will soon intensify police patrols and surveillance around the Tilli forest on the Bolgatanga-Bawku road to clamp down on armed robbery activities.

The move comes after 31-year-old Ishmael Pumi Bashiru, a musician and a nurse working at Zebilla in the Bawku West district, was attacked and killed by armed robbers at the Tilli forest during the Eid Celebration on Tuesday, July 20, 2021.

The police described the robbery incident as unfortunate, but assured that more men will be deployed to the area to curtail criminal activities along the Bolga-Bawku road.

Speaking to Citi News, the Upper East Regional Police Public Relations Officer, ASP David Fianko-Okyere, stated that the Police will increase patrols within the region to prevent further attacks.

He also called on residents to volunteer information of suspicious activities, individuals, or groups of people in their communities.

“We have to increase the number of patrols; both vehicle and motorbike. We are also going to ensure that we have adequate snap checkpoints where the police will do ‘stop-and-search’. At every ideal location or interval, we will put such snap checks in place to deter these criminals. We are also asking people living around those communities to share information with the police. We have always insisted that crime-fighting these days is a shared responsibility. These people come out from the adjoining communities to the road and perpetrate such crimes to the people. So if they spot or suspect the movement of an individual or group in their community, they should alert the police.”

He added that the authorities will be meeting to map up ways to keep residents of the Upper East Region safe.

“The Regional Commander is meeting all SPOs this afternoon so that we iron out the issue and see how we can have a fairly solid protection for the people in the Upper East region, especially on our highways.”

Source: citinewsroom .com

That will be great. We need all hands on deck to curb this armed robbery. We as citizens must also been on guard and alert the police of any suspected activities in our communities. The police on the other hand must be willing to respond to our call and provide adequate assistance accordingly.

Yes ooooo all hands on deck. The police too should stop we don’t have cars at the station things they have been doing.
If they don’t have the adequate logistics to deliver their said assurance, they should fall on government immediately.

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For cars dier dem get paaa. Don’t you see them in luxurious Toyota Camry and Tundras? Dem take run women instead of doing the work

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Yoo we hear la , the visibility police people erhn when you see one in Accra central the next place you will one is volta.

You keep recruiting officers but your presence in the country keeps decreasing in value .
You are supposed to protect lives and property at all times so stop telling us what you do and do the do

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Seems the obverse themselves no dey fear police, it’s good they are putting the numbers out the because 1 and 2 patrol cars no de3 is not working.

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