Watch: Dhat Gyal shares sad story of how she was raped and got into drugs

The Ghanaian TV host interviewed Dhat Gyal, a budding Ghanaian singer who has been through the darkest part of life. According to the singer, she was raped by an unknown man in 2016 after an identified lady set her up.
Dhat Gyal gained attention in the Ghanaian media space over a year ago when she surfaced as a Dancehall artiste with a unique voice. However, she disappeared from the scene and resurfaced again with her sad ghetto life story.
According to 22-year-old, born Ernestina Afari, she was brought to Accra twenty years ago by her parents. She disclosed her father was a driver and her mother operated a chop bar in Dome but she lost her in 2016 after a car knocked down her at Tesano.

Dhat Gyal recounted that she started living a ghetto life where she was involved in drugs and also got raped at some point.
“In 2016, I accompanied a friend and an unknown lady to Mile7. The woman led us into a house which was occupied by three guys. All of a sudden the woman told us that she had to leave because she has been informed that her baby was crying. Then, I decided that we will all leave but she insisted that we stayed behind. It wasn’t clear to me but she assured us that the guys won’t hurt us,” she said.

“After she left, the guys got us some drink but I still wasn’t okay. All of a sudden, one of the guys started touching me and I hesitated. He then got angry and disclosed that the woman who brought us to the house was paid some money. He said they gave the woman money to bring us. He angrily stood up and locked the door. He pounced on me and raped me. Asides from raping me, I was mercilessly beaten,” she told Delay.

The narration touched Delay who said she can relate to Dhat Gyal’s story because she also lost her mother and went through a tough time before finding her feet in showbiz. She, therefore, advised Dhat Gyal to quit the drugs, go to church and go into rehabilitation.

Speaking closely from her tears with a trembling voice, she said ” I want to be able to sit back and watch you succeed. I don’t want you to mess yourself up, I am so glad you came

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Every one has a story to tell, but some women are heartless oo she took money for the girls to be to by rapped? Anyway God will judge her
It is obvious from this narration that she hasn’t fully recovered from that trauma. It is well

Hmm that’s why we should watch the kind of people we associate ourselves with. Some of them who we call friends are actually demons . Bad company corrupts good attitude so Dhat Gyal knew what she was into. I pray she gets the necessary therapy and counseling to get back on her feet and do what she does best; music.

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This girl is a survivor. Tough spirit. Female friends are mostly the dangerous ones. Can’t explain the ‘science’ behind this but it’s so disturbing. She has a great talent and I do watch her videos on YouTube. Hope she bounces back to the industry much stronger. For the drugs, if she can’t stop, she should find a way to keep it under control.