Virginity Ends In One Night, Don’t Look For Virgins As A Wife, Get A Woman With Good Manners” – Man Sparks Debate On Who A Wife Material Should Be

A Ghanaian man on social micro-blogging platform Twitter has sparked a debate on who a wife material should be.
Whiles many agree to the fact that virgins always turn out to be good wives, the man has in his assertion says virginity doesn’t equate to someone being wife material.
According to the man, Nunga Burna with handle @viewsdey, guys shouldn’t use virginity as the basis of getting a good life partner but rather ensure they get a woman with good manners.
According to him, a lady’s virginity ends in one night but good manners last forever and that’s the main criteria a man should look out for when looking for a possible suitor.

See his tweet below;
“Virginity isn’t a license of good wife, don’t look at virgins as a wife, get a woman with good manners… Virginity ends in one night, but good manners last forever.”image

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Wow very true ooo just a night and that’s all :joy:

This is really true. A good wife is from good manners not virginity

What if I’m looking for a virgin to marry, and I’m also considering every other aspect that makes a woman a good wife… Am I wrongly searching?:thinking:

It’s a question for the gods :joy::joy::joy:.