Videos on how to use Omanba Forum ✌️

Here’s a small collection of videos on how to use some of the features on Omanba Forum.

I thought it might help to show some things in video so I created this as the first of many video tutorials on OmanbaForum. It’s not the best but I think it gets the message across.

When you create an invitation “Save Invite”. Forgot to mention it :slight_smile:

How to create a poll.

Add your birthday so OFers can celebrate it


Thanks for the tutorial @siaw. Most of us invited friends and colleagues to join the forum verbally. This is a nicer way to do that. :handshake:


I’m really impressed with the platform. It’s so fluid!


This is really simple, easy and quick. I wasn’t invited this way but this could go a long way to bring more people on board.


This is cool , finally gonna get lot if people in here

@Aharon I added a new video on how to create a poll. Please check the the original post :point_up:t5:


Can there be a video for signing into the platform?

Hm. Logging in with email and password on OF is the same as everywhere. Why would you want a video for that? :slight_smile:

Well, some friends of mine were finding it difficult to sign in

I’m not sure I get this. To login they just enter their email and password?

If they registered with Google or Facebook they just click on one of these buttons.

I don’t think it’s worth it creating a video for this.


Thank boss :blush:. This will do