[Video] Youtube Removes "Dislike" Button!

Youtube removes dislike button because YOU’RE USING IT WRONG!

Probably cuz of the White House vids.Let’s go Brandon

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Oh Youtube :man_facepalming: I don’t know where to begin with these people. I Kinda know where it’s coming from. Basically, they’re doing this to protect people’s feelings from being hurt. Great!

Oh well, it’s their platform so they get to do what they like. We’ll now have more crappy, lazy content. That sad part is, you won’t know until you’ve watched it…hehe.

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Definitely, maybe this is 1984 by George Orwell after all

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I haven’t read the book yet but I sort of getting your point. I think there are more disadvantages than advantages with what they’re doing.

For example, if they remove the dislike, we won’t know if DIY videos are bad or good. You could be learning something that could cause you trouble.

I get that some content creators might face mental problems. But this is why I get into lots of “arguments” with some people here on this platform. The world can be a harsh place. Becoming a content creator or producing something for the public means some people will dislike it for whatever reason.

Why don’t they find someway to help them? but to change the entire system for their sake? also, shielding people from harm, suffering, pain, etc. makes them weak. arr well…I guess it is what it is

I still haven’t read that book. It’s everywhere! :speak_no_evil:

Sometimes, you dont have to read the whole book. Many of us never finished all the books we started reading. So sometimes you read the summarised version and a dozen commentaries from literature buffs and you are good to go. Time is a very important unit for a human being :slight_smile: