Uses Of Tiny Hole Besides Charging Port In Smartphones

Sometimes you can look at your phone and wonder what role some features play. This is what happens and you must not let ignorance overwhelm you. You are entitled to information. As the saying goes: information is power. Every day should be a good lesson for you. Try to find out. Black holes have many functions, so don’t block them if you have them on your phone. See the role.

The hole has a microphone, which is important not only for conversations but also when recording video. Some of the sounds that apps use like VCR, VLC, Voice Recording, or Boom Play use this to enable their functionality. If you block or damage it, the person calling you may not be able to hear you clearly. Even though phones have a lot of microphones these days, don’t risk it yourself as you might have ruined it by breaking the hole.

The hole makes your voice clearer to the person calling you. That’s why it’s not high on the line. It’s next to your mouth. Sound waves pass through it and are further amplified for the interlocutor. Sometimes it can be filled with dust and wax, causing callers to drown out their voices. Try cleaning and your microphone should be back to normal.

The port also has a noise-canceling microphone that minimizes the amount of unwanted noise that can be heard in your ears. Noise is unwanted sound and can sometimes disturb your peace of mind while using the phone. Therefore the hole will stop all the noise from everywhere to attract you. Do not destroy, own and cherish the role.