Up while inside coffin and about to be buried

Mourners took to their heels while a few other brave ones stayed to attend to a ‘[dead’ Muslim man who woke up while inside a coffin

‘Dead’ Muslim man wakes up while inside coffin and about to be buried

Reports say the Lebanese national was found to be breathing during the wake and file past of the coffin while family and friends were mourning and preparing to bury him

A video of the dramatic incident shows the mourners gathered around the corpse as a woman cried and touched him to pay her last respect.

Then, in the same video, the mourners appeared to have noticed the body moving before they realized that the man was still alive.

They called an ambulance to transport the body to the medical centre where doctors confirmed he was still alive.

According to reports, the doctors could not offer any explanation as to why the man was wrongly registered as deceased and almost buried alive.

It is reported that the man had died hours earlier and was being prepared for burial in accordance with Islamic rite.

Meanwhile, in other news, the woman who was with the gym instructor identified as ‘Little’ before he was shot to death by unknown gunmen last week at Tantra Hill has recounted how the entire incident happened.

According to the traumatised woman who spoke in an interview, she had visited her now-deceased lover at around 9:30 pm on that fateful day as she usually did.

The couple was having their usual good time when the yet-to-be-identified assailants invaded their house.

“The next thing I heard was a key crack and I heard ‘who is that’ in Twi. At the same time, it was like someone trying to push the door as Little also tried to push back then I heard a gunshot.

“Then I heard him mentioning my name, saying they’ve shot me; they’ve shot me,” the woman recounted.

She said that with his hands on his chest, her lover desperately screamed her name, saying he had been shot.

The attackers numbering three then pushed ‘Little’ into the bedroom with guns pointed at both of them while he struggled for survival.

She further recounted how she rushed to the lover’s rescue but the criminals pushed her back onto the bed while still pointing a gun at her.

They took the mobile phones of both ‘Little’ and her lover as well as a GHS 100 cash.

After the assailants had left their room, she screamed for help but one of them angrily returned to give her a serious warning.

The gunmen then proceeded to rob other neighbours.

The woman denied being married, disclosing she has been a divorcee for the past eight years.


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The muslim man nearly got buried alive. He is very lucky. I think this culture of burying people few hours they die in Islam must be rechecked. Chances are that, they must have buried people in the past who were not completely dead. That will be so terrible.

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Is obvious they might have buried people who have been in coma in the past. Am very very sure…
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