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Understand the (NWO) new world order and how everything is unfolding in-front of us. PT2

New world order is something the mainstream media refuse to talk about partly because they’re owned by the same people advocating for NWO

Is important to know who we’re talking about here. Who are this few people and what they want.

Vanguard and black rock

Vanguard and black rock which is owned and controlled by a few individuals, have their hands in almost everything. Is important to know how everything is connect. From government to the food we eat, and our financial banking system

BlackRock, Inc. is an American multinational investment management corporation based in New York City. Founded in 1988, initially as a risk management and fixed income institutional asset manager, BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, with US$10 trillion in assets under management as of January 2022.

The Vanguard Group, Inc. is an American registered investment advisor based in Malvern, Pennsylvania with about $7 trillion in global assets under management, as of January 13, 2021.

Founder : Founder: John C. Bogle

From YouTube to most popular news media outlets, Twitter , Facebook, big companies, apple, Samsung big pharmaceutical drugs companies, food name them. Is not one competing against another, Is all owned by the same groups of people. is all been controlled by one group.

So when they say you’ll own nothing and be happy, you’ve to understand how everything is connected and who controls what.

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon musk’s, are not the true owners of what they’re doing. Vanguard and black rock owns everything this people shows the rest of the world
They own their masters a great deal of explanation if things are not executed according to the plan of their matters

Next we will see how Covid was a simulation of what’s coming, and the pending famine that’s looming

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I see what u mean and that’s true. This is how I view this world, like a chessboard (and @siaw) will understand this, the Queen (Rothschild’s, Rockerfella, etc) and King (Royal families) hardly move, the Rooks (BlackRock, Vanguard, Blackstone, etc), the knights and Bishops (Jeff, Elon, Zuckerberg, Politicians are usually at the helm of affairs to control the Pawns at the bottom. These is just my way of visualizing the world.


Has this anything to do with Rockerfella’s simulations?

@ruffrider I’m getting the whole picture now. I thought I was crazy back then when I started seeing the world differently. I was seeing the world to be a dice being rolled by few people and I’m getting much understanding now.

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They’re all advocating for the same thing including some governments who are being manipulate by the same group who owns almost everything on earth . The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is a great player in pushing for new economy reforms that suits their agenda. Just take a look at Canada this days is on the blink of collapse

All they want is to collapse the existing system and bring a new one where they will control people actions and everything. Can you imagine living in a communist country where you don’t own anything? There will be no such as freedom anymore and that’s what they’re trying to bring about

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You’re not far from the truth. Is how the this world is structured. But no one will tell you not even the media people trust so much

There’s no room for conspiracy thinking. Just facts

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Is unbelievable for someone to think this is happening, but is the truth. Don’t believe anything you see on the media or Facebook and those platforms, because is planned, is all part of an agenda.
Unless they fail in their steps, no one can stand and believe what’s coming

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Totally agree with this, when they want to undermine facts and ‘hide’ (so to speak) the truth from certain people (the pawns or the majority of us who are expendable btw) of a lower IQ/lower race or more candidly 3 5th of a man (Eugenics and slavery), they label an attempt at uncovering these facts and the people (investigative journalists and dissidents) conspiracies or the people conspiracy theorists. There have been countless prophesies and predictions about the future of the world as we see it today and time to come notably 1984 by Orwell, Brave new world by Huxley, etc. There’s another book simply describing into detail those who run the world I find quite comprehensive and on point - Giants: the global power elite by Prof Peter Phillips, but I’m sure there’re countless out there.

And then they say they belief in democratic principles - how are they different from the Putins and Xis and Kims? Always shrouding democracy in some huge and dusty cloth of freedoms and liberal believes and that one is free to say and be what they want as a need of humanity dignity. That’s why Xi has coined up his kinda democracy, he simply says it’s not your (Western) kinda democracy (not that I support autocratic rule). Question though is, with everyone turning to or trying to be nationalistic and thus globalisation heading out of the conversation (Kofi Annan of blessed memory once predicted that if we do not share the fruits of globalisation equally, we risk bringing back the isms), what type of sociopolitical direction are we headed towards now? Yuval Harari says democracy will continuously undergo metamorphosis #Fact is, if we have no conversation as a species, no consensus (where giants or big nations will just trump over smaller nations), we’re pretty much fvckd, especially the smaller nations, better yet the lesser of people as is labeled, the whole population control agenda (supported by the Brit Royal families late patriarch, Henry Kissinger and many others). In fact, the way I see it and my prediction will be that, 1 man as I know it will want to have the ultimate power so even if just a few powerful countries remain, they will keep battling themselves until one man and one tree remains on Earth. Either way, we are fvckd, but there’s still hope, hahaaha.

I mean, no kidding but how is it that the number democracy of the world spies on its own people and store data in huge Server Farms and a whistle blower like Assange or even Snowden have to run to hide - and this is democracy?

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Is really hard if not impossible to build a complete picture of the phase of transition we’ve in now but one thing remains for sure. There’s a strong desire for mass control, and that will be achieve through those who owned big cooperations together with governments. And anyone who will not comply to what the governments says will be ostracized @Aharon

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Absolutely concur, with corona and all, hmmmm. Everything has been towards big data, that’s been the language in silicon valley and on the agenda of all shareholders. Buying out warehouses and bunkers to put up Server Farms, in Shenzhen (the Silicon Valley of China), the data center there is mad. We, like the Big Reset says it, will be mere stakeholders (and that will make us happy) but own nothing (not shareholders).

Wait… how do you prove this?

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Just think about it, Do you truly believe all that money is from their own making? I used to believe that but I soon realized most of the investment is from the vanguard group.

HOW did you “realise” that? That’s my question :slight_smile:

I would be dumb to assume I know something for certain, but I came across a site that talked almost about everything and I’m empathetic to most of the things I found on the site. we will not all die together for believing the same thing :joy::joy:

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Haha OK good for admitting this! Now I can read more of your writings to have a better understanding of your though process on these things, if you said for sure you were certain about these things I would have lost interest. :smiley:

So I need to win your empathy to get you to believe anything, that’s a low bar. :stuck_out_tongue:

When it comes to believing, that’s a very loaded topic and we all believe things for many reasons. You don’t need to win my empathy to believe anything, I believe all beliefs are art of creation and not necessarily how things are :smiley::smiley: