Umofia prophecies on 31st night

Most of us were Keen to hear the latest Prophecies exclusively saved by God on 31st of every December. This has become the other of the day for decades now and I was expecting same last year, 2021 31st December.

This year’s however was a bit surprising because most of the dooms that normally characterised the year did not come as expected .

I don’t want believe it’s the IGP or police warnings; if so , then most of these prophets are fake and never spoke from God’s perspective.

They were saying these things in the past in the name of prophecy for the clout or deliberately putting fear and panic into ignorant people. It’s pathetic Christianity is turn this way.

Nigel Gasies prophecy for the night was directed at the country or place called Umofia. He said he will was not in the mood to for Ghanaian prophecies.

At this point, Bible believing Christians should be learn to work out their own salvation, be educated and critical thinkers, Read and understand the Bible. Your destiny must not be determined by some charlatans.

There’s God, seek him personally.

Prophecies no at) nsoum. It tells us that some of these people are just clowns. Must you wait till 31st December to announce prophecies to people? Things happen everyday, why not prophesy about them?

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Hmm asem oo. See how they making the word of God unattractive. Why won’t religion become laughing stock to some people. Shm