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UCL Draw is finally out ⚽️

So the Champions League draw is out and Group C is scary as hell! :smiley:

My prayers and thoughts are with Victoria Plzen :smiley:

eii Group C is tough. Which team u gonna support? :rofl::rofl: @Emp_Sel Ex bayern fan

Ah :joy:

I’m still a Bayern Fan but I have love and support for Barcelona

I think I’ll sit on the fence if the two should clash but I do hope that Lewy would score :smiley:


Hehehe. I wonder what you’ll do when Lewandowski retires, you’ll retire with him.


Bayern Munich Kiss GIF by UEFA

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So this season which group are they calling group of death?

Group C and group G though!!! Rigged

The group of death is Group C. Hehehe

You barb

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I wonder if u can get ur heart broken twice :joy:. Barca out to play Europa again and Bayern getting knocked out. :sweat_smile:

Champions League Win GIF by Manchester United

We shall see. We have learnt our lesson :smiley:

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