Two female pastors got married in church, blessed by a pastor to kiss each other; God must be sad

The Bible states in the end times perilous times will come, men will be lovers of themselves and strange things will happen. We have heard of gays and lesbians indulging in all sort illicit acts but to hear of two pastors who are both females and revered ministers of God, who are supposed to know and exhibit better exemplary lives have rather turned their back and done the unthinkable is really bizarre and obnoxious.

If these things are not signs of the end time or a danger from God that we are perpetrating a bunch of sins and probably we barely wish to reform immediately before it’s overdue. Minister of God are trained to be disciplined people because they depict themselves as Christians.

The two Pastor Vanessa Brown, who is 46 years old and 54-year-old Pastor Twanna Gause both female Pastors of Rivers of Living Water United Church of Christ which is located in Newark and New York walked straight to the altar for it to be blessed by the presiding bishop of the fellowship of affirming Ministries, Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder. The Bishop who officiated the ceremony read from the first Epistles to the Corinthians.

Oh what a beautiful day they shared together with family, friends and community. People traveled from across the United States to be with them. Excitement filled the church waiting in expectation of that magic moment. It was indeed magical, marvelous and memorable!

Twanna Gause, even disclosed that her father didn’t attend the wedding day because he’s not in consent of her getting wedded to a fellow female pastor. She said her dad understood that the devil was manipulating her to achieve a devilish purpose on the earth.

God must be sad in heaven. This whole thing is just strange but the emphasis here is that pastors should never engage themselves in such barbaric acts. What message are they trying to communicate to their members? To the youthful generation and the world at large


Nkwasiaa d3 d3biaa. Am even about to think if we really know there is God. Because the behavior of people this days shows clearly they have no respect to God

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Please talk well oo @KhodedBoss2 , human right activist will not take it lightly with you . They will say it the right of everyone to marry or chose who they want associate with , it’s their identity and orientation and so forth. These are no mere females, they are pastors and that makes the situation worse

Buh you know it’s not right. If it is accepted in some parts of the world doesn’t mean it’s a good act. And even they are pastors so what are they trying to preach

Me se na obibini b3 y3 den w) wiase ah gyimie paa nie eiii

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And I’m sure the man standing on the right doesn’t have feelings​:joy::joy::joy: how wl a man who got feelings be happy because females are getting married to another, I mean because of why :joy::joy::joy:

No doubt. Who ordained these lesbians pastors in the first place? :joy:
What kind of Bible are they reading? :joy::joy:


Eiiii asem Ben kraaaa nie? How

What’s going on in this world these days no longer surprises me anymore. First of all who anointed these two female pastors and secondly what book do they read as their form of Bible in that church? Thinking about these things going on the world now makes me believe that the world is going in a wrong direction and very soon we might see what we are not expecting to see.

I am not surprised about this bullshit going on